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10 Essential Wedding Day Accessories to Carry with You


Your wedding day is almost here and you’re still running around making last-minute preparations. Although you probably already have the big things, like the dress, the suit, and the shoes covered, there are a few items that you shouldn’t forget. Here are 10 essential wedding day accessories to carry with you.

Carry These Wedding Day Accessories With You On The Big Day

A Bridal Emergency Kit

You never know when you’ll have a wardrobe or hair malfunction. On your big day, it’s good to be prepared beforehand. Therefore, make sure that you have an ample supply of pins, including safety pins and bobby pins. Make sure that you have enough pins in multiple colors to fix your own dress or suit and those of the bridal party.

This Oh Sh*t Kit is compact and contains handy supplies needed for any wedding day emergency. This kit contains travel sewing kit (including scissors & sewing supplies), Band-aid pack which includes blister Band-Aids and double-sided tape, earring backs, bobby pins, portable comb/hairbrush, dental kit, travel vanity kit (cotton buds, emery board, makeup pad), and 5 Ways To Be a Bridechilla card. Just click on the photo to purchase.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are kind of a wedding day hack but they are just as important as the other items on your list. Make sure that you carry dryer sheets with you because they can be used to remove static cling from your clothes and they also smell nice.

Wedding Day Toiletries

Pain relievers, hairspray, q-tips, deodorant, eyedrops are things that you probably think that you don’t need but you’ll wish you had when the day comes. You’ll also want to make sure to carry oil-blotting sheets so that your makeup stays intact and you don’t end up looking sweaty in your wedding photos. Weddings can make anyone nervous and sweaty and having showered hours ago, it’s very likely that you’ll want to freshen up at some point. Nobody wants to look like a vampire in photos so make sure that you bring eyedrops along with you to remove the redness and moisturize your eyes, as needed. You’ll be especially happy to have them when you see those closeup photos later on.

The Rings

Technically, the rings are the best man’s responsibility. However, with so much to do before the wedding, it’s easy to forget that one essential thing that you obviously should bring to your wedding. So make sure that you always know the ring details at all times. If others are known to be forgetful, you might want to just carry them along yourself.

Carry Snacks With You

Being “hangry” isn’t a good thing and having snacks with you can save you from getting too cranky before your next meal. Being hangry is a major symptom of being a bridezilla. No one wants that! Bring snacks along that are unlikely to ruin your wedding day outfit. Gum or mints are also helpful for clearing up bad breath. In addition, with a morning or afternoon wedding, it’s unlikely that you’ll have time for a big breakfast when you’re in a rush. So prepare to deal with your hunger before it turns you into Bridezilla!

Bring A First-Aid Kit As A Wedding Day Accessory

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. It’s one of the many things brides and grooms hate to admit, but unforeseen things can happen on your wedding day. Get a first-aid kit to carry with you on your wedding day. It can mean the difference between a bloody wedding dress or suit and a simple cut or scrape. Make sure to bring a first-aid kit with antiseptic, band-aids, surgical tape, scissors, and gauze. Having band-aids and surgical tape are also helpful for protecting your feet if your shoes are uncomfortable.

Don’t Forget An Umbrella

Even if the day looks sunny, an unexpected downpour can ruin hours of prep. Don’t get caught in the rain without an umbrella. If your wedding is in the springtime, incorporate umbrellas as to use for a whimsical theme. This “love is in the air” umbrella will be the perfect wedding day accessory to carry with you!

Have An Extra Set Of Flats or Sneakers On Your Wedding Day

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’ll probably find it difficult to trek to the venue with your best dress shoes on. Instead, switch to sneakers or flats until it is time for the ceremony or reception so that you don’t ruin your best shoes. If your wedding is a casual wedding, you can also feel free to slip out of your wedding dress shoes once the ceremony has ended to give your feet a rest. You’ll avoid painful blisters and ensure that you’ll still be able to walk the next day after having spent so many hours on your feet.

A Small Purse or Wallet To Carry Your Wedding Day Accessories

If you’re going to be driving yourself to your wedding or there are some last-minute costs you’ll need to take care of, make sure that you have a stash of cash available to handle last-minute issues. You can grab a small wallet to keep on you so that you’ll also have somewhere to keep your keys, as well. In addition, if you’re renting a vintage car for your wedding, you’ll want to make sure that the keys are always on hand.

A Gift For the Groom

Finally, as a nice gesture, give your spouse and the bridal party keepsake gifts at your wedding. These gifts are personalized gifts to thank them and show how much you love and care for them. Keep it simple with a note or trinket so that they won’t be a hassle to carry along with you on the big day.

Now that you have all of the bases covered, you’re more than ready to enjoy a worry-free wedding day. So pack everything up and start getting ready for your special day!