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What to Expect at a Bridal Fair If You’ve Never Been


If you don’t know what to expect at a bridal fair, it can be a very overwhelming place to walk into. Whether you want to meet potential vendors, get inspiration, or purchase a few things for your wedding, bridal fairs are a playground for brides-to-be! Before you head off into this magical wedding world, here’s what to expect at a bridal fair if you’ve never been to one.

Arrive Early

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a bridal fair to queues of brides-to-be waiting to enter. Coming early means you’ll not only get the best parking spot but you’ll also get in before all the crowds arrive. This will give you a chance to scout out the bridal fair, actually chat with vendors, and grab a gift bag before they run out!

Bring The Right People

The assumption is that you need to bring along members of the bridal party, your parents, in-laws and, obviously, your fiancé to bridal fairs. But if you plan on trying on dresses, the last person you want to be there is your fiancé. Or if you are picking out decor or a cake, you don’t need to have your entire bridal party with you. We suggest that you have an end goal when attending bridal fairs, which makes choosing who to bring a little easier. Also, ensure that whoever is joining you knows what the day will entail and how long it will take.

Bring A Bag

Be sure to arrive prepared with your own reusable bridal tote! You’ll definitely need a place to put all of the free swag, business cards, pamphlets, and water. It’s a long day of browsing wedding vendors, so you need to stay hydrated.

Keep Moving

There will be plenty of things to look at during bridal fairs, so make sure you don’t get stuck at one booth. If possible, get a floor map of the fair and mark off what stalls are a priority to see. If you’re browsing, take your time, but also be aware how much time you’re spending at each booth as you don’t want to run out of time or miss anything that you might want for your wedding day.

Expect Long Queues

Hundreds of brides-to-be usually come out for bridal fairs so be prepared to wait around in long queues. Whether it’s for trying on wedding dresses or a short consultation with a vendor, lines and can get super long. We suggest you grab a business card from the vendor - this option might cost you a bit more time, but you’ll avoid standing in line and get some one-on-one time with the vendor when you make a private appointment.

Keep An Eye Out For Discounts

From vouchers in the gift bags to discounted prices at booths, bridal fairs are a great place to pick up a discount or two. Some bridal fairs are held at the end of the wedding season, so prices are tremendously reduced to get rid of stock. You can pick up dresses, shoes, accessories, and maybe even a photographer at a great price when attending a bridal fair.

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