10 Summer Wedding Ideas for 2017

For a unique and memorable wedding

It’s already 2017 and that means it’s time to start planning your summer wedding for 2017! Instead of the same traditional wedding ceremony and reception, 2017 wedding trends are very varied and are highly suited to helping you create a unique and memorable wedding.

So let’s get started! Here are 10 summer wedding ideas for 2017 to help you get focused on planning your wedding so that you’ll have plenty of time before the big day to get everything in order.


🌴 Tropical Beach Wedding

For summer 2017, bold colors are making a comeback! This year’s weddings will be inspired by all of the beautiful colors of the tropics with colors like coral, teal, and peach taking centerstage. You can also incorporate some of the colors of the ocean into your wedding decorations with aqua, cream, and blush accents to make a boring, traditional white wedding modern and interesting.

These 2017 wedding colors don’t only have to appear in the bouquets, you can also add them into your choices for the bridesmaids or even your own wedding dress. For the reception menu, go with Latin cuisine that features plenty of tropical fruits, fish, and fresh vegetables to complete your tropical beach wedding concept.


👑 Rustic Wedding

If you’re looking for a bespoke wedding idea, a rustic wedding is the perfect option. Include your favorite craft cocktails and choose foods that have been carefully prepared using only the best organic ingredients. For the décor, make sure to incorporate plenty of pastel colors, with lavender, pink, and green.


👠 Modern Romantic Wedding

If you’re looking for a wedding idea that highlights the romance of your wedding day, a modern romantic wedding is just what you need. To make this concept modern, your wedding décor and dresses should feature soft colors, such as sage, blush, and rose over the traditional white.

For the ceremony, a gorgeous trellis with greenery that reaches up the sides can be completed with sheer curtains. Use string lights across the ceiling of your reception venue to replace track lighting or chandeliers, giving your wedding reception a more romantic atmosphere.


🎩 Vintage Wedding

Still want the enjoyment of an outdoor wedding without the rustic elements? Then do a vintage inspired wedding. You should incorporate plenty of lace and family heirlooms into your wedding choices for the bridal party. Then to complete the theme, hire vintage cars for you and your guests to ride around in on the big day.


🐔 Farm Wedding

If you don’t have a big budget to spend on your summer 2017 wedding, you can still make your wedding unique by having a farm wedding. For this type of wedding, you should make sure to include potted succulents, mason jars, homemade candles, and baked treats everywhere. Then find a local farm to host the wedding ceremony and reception. Your guests will appreciate the relaxed atmosphere of the wedding and you’ll save some money in the process.


✈️ Destination Wedding

Destination weddings will continue to be popular for summer 2017. However, instead of the usual tropical island weddings, consider traveling to a cooler climate instead. Iceland and Canada make perfect options for a destination wedding if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.


🏰 Unique Entertainment Wedding

If you want new ways to keep your guests engaged during your wedding, offering some unique options, such as lawn games or a sports competition, are a great way to make things more fun. You can also design your wedding around a performance by making your wedding ceremony part of the performance or hiring entertainers for your reception. Fire eaters and contortionists make for great additions that everyone will be talking about after the wedding is over.


👻 Twilight Wedding

If you love to cook (or love to eat) a twilight wedding is something that your guests will enjoy as much as you will. Instead of the simple salad and entrée, design your wedding reception to feature a banquet table with many different options for foods to enjoy. In addition, you can also add an elaborate runner of flowers to the tables to make the reception a more intimate affair. For the wedding ceremony itself, hosting it at dusk with plenty of candlelight is sure to set the mood.


🤓 High Tech Wedding

With technology taking over the wedding industry, more 2017 summer weddings are likely to incorporate tech. For a futuristic wedding concept, incorporate things like 3D printing for a personalised cake topper or wedding décor. You can also create custom Snapchat geofilters and use live streaming to allow relatives and friends who can’t make it to your wedding to join in. Dont forget about Wedivite too!


⚙️ Industrial Wedding

If you want to be on the cutting-edge of 2017 fashion, consider an industrial wedding. You can make this concept work by choosing a venue for your wedding that has exposed brick and high ceilings, such as an old factory or industrial loft.

Use string lights or chandeliers to light the venue and complete the setup with modern tufted chairs and fresh white flowers. If you prefer an edgier look, you can even mix and match mid-century furniture for a workshop-style venue that you simply won’t find anywhere else.


Summer weddings in 2017 will be all about personalizing your wedding to meet your personal preferences, as well as, choosing elements that are sure to be unique and memorable. Whether you plan to spend a lot or a little on your wedding, these 10 summer wedding ideas offer some ideas for every wedding budget.


So start planning now! Before you know it, your wedding will be just weeks or days away.

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