Account Related Questions

Your email address is your Wedivite username, this means you cannot change your address once your account is created. Please contact support to change it.

We’re sad to see you go 🙁

In order to close your account please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. Click on your names in the left menu.
  3. Click on Account Settings in the sub-menu that was opened.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  5. Click on Delete my account forever.
  6. In the popup type: DELETE MY ACCOUNT – all caps, to approve.

Damn those human body memory limitations! 🙂 On the login page ( click the link titled “Forgot Password”. Enter your email address that you’ve used to sign up with us and a password reset link will be sent to your email address. After clicking it you would receive a new password by mail which you can change later on from the Account Settings page.

You can revoke the access from your google account settings here:

Please make sure you are trying to login on this URL: And not: The second one is our older version and your account is on the new. If you typed your email wrong at the first time you got automatically redirected to the older version.

Please make sure you are trying to login on this URL:

And not:

The second one is our older version and your account is on the new. If you typed your email wrong at the first time you got automatically redirected to the older version.

The reset email with your new password can take up to 15 minutes to arrive after clicking the reset confirmation email.
Also make sure you check the Promotions tab or spam folder.

General Service Questions

We just provide a link to the PayPal donation feature with your email of you choice. You can read about this feature here: Keep note that PayPal is constantly changing their terms of use and service and you will have to make sure you are aware of their terms before using. We have no affiliation or data with or from PayPal.

This video tutorial will show you how to use the wedivite seating arrangements feature. You can add as many tables as you want and simply drag and drop guests onto them. Tables are resizable and can be round or square. When you’re done, simply export the seating arrangements to excel or save and continue working on it later on when more guests RSVP.

You have a few choices:

  1. Most of our couples with similar needs usually create 2 wedding invitations with two separate email addresses. This way you can keep everything organised so you won’t mix the two guest lists by mistake.
  2. Putting the event and other topics in the custom page.
  3. Putting the other event info in the page info text of every page, directions in directions, date and time in cover etc …

Invitation Design Questions

Want to add another language to your invitation that are not yet offering? No problem!

Actually all of our invitation translation (not the dashboard, only the parts the guests sees) are made by our couples wanting it in their own language 🙂

We’d be thrilled to add your language to our options!

Please open a support ticket or email us and we’ll email you a Google Drive shared document for the translations. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete.

If you want to swipe the order of the names, just write your names in the other ones input box (bride in groom and groom in bride).

No problem 🙂
Go to: Edit Invitation -> Invitation Features and disable the “Allow guests to send gifts” feature.

No problem!
Check out our video tutorial on YouTube:

In order to add a page / tab to your invitation you’ll need a “Custom Page”. You can add it through the “Invitation Features” page of your dashboard (Under “Edit Invitation”- you might have to scroll down in order to see it).

All changes to design and wedding information are made under Edit Invitation from your dashboard menu.

Once you click it, scroll down to see the options.
If you want to change the text of the pages, colors, invitation URL or cover photo- it’s under Invitation Design. If you want to change the wedding details like address, time or names- it’s under Wedding Details.

Please try uploading a different photo. maybe the image is too big or compressed? If that doesn’t work please try refreshing the page or using a different browser (We recommend Google Chrome).

This is a common issue with the Internet Explorer browser.
Please switch to Google Chrome, it’s free and much more secure!

You can get it on:

If you want to break a row enter this word:

For instance:
This is the first row
This is the second row.

Option A

Are you using Internet Explorer?
Please switch to Google Chrome. You can get it free here:

Option B

Are you copy pasting styled text from a word document?

Pasting from a styled document is adding some invisible syntax and code to the editor of the custom page and is being blocked by our filters.

Please paste your text into a non styled editor like NotePad (Comes with windows), and then copy and paste again from there (this removes the styling).

Option C

Are your text color and background color the same?
Go to your invitation and try to highlight the text by click-dragging on it. It might be there but in the same color of the background (happens a lot on white pages).

The map is just for reference, what’s actually happening is that the address you typed are verified with google maps to fit standards so guests could use the “Navigate with” buttons.
Please search for your venue in google maps ( and once you fix on it, copy the address just like it’s written there.

No problem, go to Edit Invitation -> Invitation Features.
And turn that off.

Inviting Guests Questions

The language of the email invite is sent in the language of your dashboard at the time of sending. this means you can just switch the language of your dashboard by groups of languages you are planning to send to.

Regarding the invite itself, the language is set under the “Wedding Details” edit page. You can only have one language per invite.

For your needs you have two options:
1. Setting the language to one language, and inviting all the current language speakers. Then after they all RSVPed, you can switch to the other language and invite all the rest of your guests. This is ultimately less ideal because guests will return to your invite for directions and to upload photos.

2. Open a separate invitation for every language and when the time comes, just export your song list and guest list from both, and combine them in excel. This is the better solution.


On the email invitation tab choose the google connect button and log in to your account. After a successful login you could select guests from a list generated on the invite page.

No problem, it’s already built in. Once the guest selects RSVP “yes” in the drop-down box, new fields will appear underneath to add plus one’s.

No problem, you can just password protect it.
Besides that, we never share or list your domain anywhere, so basically your URL is also secure unless your friends share it.

Unlink your account by revoking access to Wedivite from google here:

Then, login to your correct google account and connect again.

After inviting guests the normal way (Invite via Email). You can send mass messages to your entire list (even those that didn’t open their invite yet). The email that goes out from there contains no images and have a much better chance dropping in the inbox.

You can locate the mass message on the guest list page, top right button section.

Go to: Edit Invitation -> Invitation Features, and turn off the “allow guests to add plus one…” feature.

Wedding Album Questions

Just log on your invitation as a guest would (from the invitation URL) and then go to wedding album and click the “Add photo +” button.

Your initial free photo storage is 5 photos to try out the feature. Because hosting photos on servers spread throughout the world and available at all times, costs a lot of money- we can’t make it available for free without limitations. You can either purchase more photo storage from the “Wedding Album” page of your dashboard or get an extra free 100 photo storage if you invite 3 couples to open invitation on Wedivite (also from the same page).

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