Wedding Etiquette Rules For Future Brides and Grooms

The New Rules of Wedding Etiquette

Traditional weddings have seemingly gone by the wayside in recent years. More brides and grooms are focused on their theme and color palate than on adhering to perfect wedding etiquette rules. If you are like us and want to bring some of the old traditions into your wedding day, this article is for you. Although our free digital invitations are not very traditional, they can still extend the traditional etiquette. Let’s take a closer look at a few important wedding rules all brides and grooms should be aware of for their wedding.

Wedding Etiquette Rules - Who to Invite?

Your budget will likely limit who you can and cannot invite to your wedding, so start by building a list of who you must, who you should, and who you could invite. Go through the list and find out if your budget allows for it. Start by inviting your family, then friends, and if your budget allows consider inviting a few work colleagues. However, keep children in mind and decide whether or not they will be allowed at the wedding. There is no hard and fast rule here, so be courteous by letting your invitees know on the invitation whether or not they can bring their little ones.

Gift Registry Etiquette Rules

Start by making an appointment to register for your gifts. Opt to register for gifts in various price ranges and don’t be concerned about registering for too many. Guests will appreciate having plenty of items to select from. It is acceptable to list “gift cards welcome” on your registry as well. Once you receive gifts, keep a detailed list of who sent them and then write thank you notes within 30 days after your wedding. You can also use the gift through PayPal on our digital invitation, this is vastly used by guests that can’t come but still want to send a gift.

Let your Parents Know First

When you are first engaged be sure to call your parents and close family members before posting on social media. It’s common courtesy.

Show off your Ring

Don’t hesitate to post pictures of your wedding ring on social media. Everyone will want to see it up close and personal anyways!

Don’t Compare

Don’t make a friend’s wedding a prerequisite for your own wedding. Trying to meet up with a friend’s standard will only make you go overboard. Stick to your own budget.

Treat Your Bridesmaids with Respect

Don’t be bossy with your bridesmaid most especially your chief bridesmaid. Your bridesmaid is your best bet for help on your wedding day most especially the chief bridesmaid who is closer in assisting you during the event.

If you follow these brief etiquette rules, you can keep both yourself and your loved ones happy throughout your wedding planning. Congratulations!

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