The Details

"Conventional" Has Never Really Been Our Thing


Official Declaration of Strong Headedness:

Nope. We won't be changing the theme of our party. Deal with it.

We weighed our options, plotted and calculated, held each other up and made a final, important decision: We will not let tragedy define us. Our litte family will grow, there is no doubt in our minds, and in the mean time we need to celebrate. A wedding party with all of you has not only been promised, but is at this point NECESSARY, and a preemptive hullabaloo for Baby Bonn will be (we've decided, so you might as well all join along) uplifting, as it signifies our resilience and renewed gusto for a happy, healthy family.

Importantly, the registry will remain as is. We were faced with two options in this regard; either completely wipe out and rebuild our registry, ask you for blenders and new pots and pans, then later down the line present you with ANOTHER gift registry and ask for swaddling blankets and Sophie the Giraffe, or press on, embrace being back on the baby wagon and in full swing of trying again, and ask you fine, smart, beautiful people for all the pieces we'll need to make our first years with our wee one as rockin' as possible.

We are still VERY excited to celebrate all of this with you. Cheers to our marriage, our ongoing and infinite love, and the excitement of a timy human of our very own.

So, without further ado, I present you with the nitty gritty of

Misti and Alex's Big Ol' Wedding Style Baby Shower!

The entrance fee is your beautiful smiling face and a case of diapers (any size will do!) to help us be super prepared.

Things To Expect:

An open bar! Woohoo!
Dressing up and dancing... so much dancing...
Treats and snacks
Declarations of love from the (sorta) newlyweds, as well as speeches from the eager beavers who ask to say a few words

What Not To Expect:

A big formal ceremony (walking the isle, ring exchanges, officiated vows, etc)

The party will run from 6 pm until 10 pm, at which point you'll be booted out and encouraged to Uber to a local bar where you can continue the festivities and await our grand entrance.


Some of us need +1's... some of us need multiple +1's

The more the merrier for this shindig, just please let us know how many people will be in your party! This will help us finalize a ton of little behind the scenes things, so shoot us a text or an email ASAP!