Our Story

Hello! We are a new couple =)

Thank you for taking the time to read through our wedding invitation. We’re really excited to share this huge step in our lives’ with you, and we really hope that you can attend our wedding!

We asked some friends to come up with questions about us so that we can answer and share “our story” with you! There will also be questions concerning the wedding that were not covered in other parts of the invitation.


Q: How and where did you guys meet?

(J): We first were introduced to each other in our Biochemistry class from a mutual friend (thank you, Joseph). We also had an exam for our next class period and Chanmee borrowed my notes to study. After that exam, I saw her again at Starbucks and it took a lot of courage to go up to her and talk to her again. I’m glad that I did though.

(C): At Starbucks, the first question Johnathan asked me is: “do you know you look like an actress from the side?” And I asked him “what about from the front?” He stopped for a moment to think, and still said: “from the side, you look like an actress!”

(J): I also said “you look good from the front, too!” Don’t forget about that! But after that day, we continued to see each other and study together almost every day

Q: What do you guys like about each other?

(J): I like her dedication with sensitivity. When she puts her mind on something, she always gets it done. And at the same time, she’s immaculate with her projects, so when she finishes, it’s more than “better than expected”. I also like her spirit, kindness, thoughtfulness, and intelligence. But what I love about her is she loves God.

(C): He is diligent, caring, and most importantly a Christ follower. There is nothing that I should not like about him. He is funny, athletic, smart, kind, loving...I can go on and on.

Q: What was your first impression of your spouse?

(J): When I first saw her before we started dating, I remember thinking “she really lives in her own world.” She wore fashionable clothes, carried a cup of Dunkin’ Donut’s coffee, and was always late to class. Definitely a unique person.

(C): My first impression of him was a sharp and dandy guy. Even though we both had an 8:00am class, he always looked put together and very clean (haha).

Q: Why did you guys decide to marry?

(J): While we were dating, there were nights when we had deep conversations. We talked about our values and how we would like to live our lives. What really surprised me was that our answers were the same. We both want glorify God through the purpose that He’s given us. When I saw her heart for Christ, I knew that she was the one I wanted to spend my life with. I wanted to marry her because I knew that we could work together in spirit, helping each other to build our relationship with Christ stronger and closer.

(C): As Johnathan mentioned, I decided to marry him because of the values that he had. Because the love of Jesus Christ is hard to realize, I wanted a lifetime friend who had experienced and is willing to share the love of God through his life.

Q: How do you see God moving in your marriage?

(J): I strongly believe that God will reveal His love for us through our marriage. Just like it says in Ephesians 5, I strive to love my wife just like how Christ loved the church and gave Himself for the church. When I reflect on our relationship, I am reminded that this “mindset” was similar to how Christ loved us and why He died for us. This reminder humbles me and I want to glorify God even more because He revealed His love for me in such a profound way. I remember sharing this “profound mystery” with my wife while we were driving: when we love each other more, we see how Christ loved us more. As we see how Christ loved us more, our love for each other gets deeper and deeper. So it becomes a continuous chain reaction.

(C): Everything went very smoothly. I know how marriage is a life changing event. People all around us were surprised and had something to say. However, as Johnathan and I talked through, the decision became stronger and stronger, and God provided us a way for us to be together.


Q: The wedding is at your home. Will there be parking available?

A: Yes. Do not spend time to look for street parking. Do not pass go. But do pull up to our home because we have valet parking for you.

Q: Is there an open bar?

A: Come and See :)

If you have any other questions, please contact us at one of the following:

e-mail: jncKim0624@gmail.com cell: (909)636-4737

PLEASE RSVP BY 5/12/17!!!!

And we hope to see you soon!