Where can I sleep

Munkedals Herrgard

This hotel is very traditional and close to the house.
We have reserved every room in this hotel. It is expected to fill up quickly.
There might be ghosts in this hotel.
If you want to stay at Munkedals Herrgard it is preferred if you stay from Friday to Sunday. If not please send a message to Espen.

Vann Hotell
This hotel is also close to the venue. It is very modern and has a spa! The view of the ocean is nice.
Through the website or any booking site.

Sleeping in a tent is like being one with nature. It is also free. Feel free to bring your own tent.

Sleeping in a boat is like being a fish. There are several places to dock close by. Feel free to bring your own boat.

Do you want to sleep in your car like a real American? You can! You're welcome.

Other options
Please contact Espen if you have any questions, or have trouble finding somewhere to sleep.

How do I get to Sweden?
See the following Facebook event
Or ask Espen.