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Is A Wedding Video Worth It? Interview with a Wedding Videographer


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a wedding video is worth the extra cost! Gregory Lorenzo is in the business of filming the most important day of couple’s lives, and he takes it very seriously. If you are searching for the perfect wedding videographer for your wedding, listen to the advice from the experts to get the wedding video of your dreams.

Meet Gregory Lorenzo, a Wedding Industry Professional

Gregory Lorenzo, owner of Lorenzo Media Productions, gives insight into his world of wedding videography. Learn how he built his wedding videography business as a self-taught professional. From filming to editing, learn how Gregory prioritizes clients and captures the beautiful moments of the whole wedding day.

Gregory’s style shows off the elegance and beauty of your wedding day. He uses shadows for drama and contrast and sticks out from common filming techniques by doing so.

Pretend the Camera Is Not Even There

Gregory enjoys working with couples who value the the videography process and allow him as an artist to capture the beauty of the wedding day. He enjoys working with couples who want to have fun and stay relaxed while filming. Sometimes an extra 3 or 4 shots can really impact the final product.

Trends in the videography industry come and go, but Gregory incorporates static filming into his end product, as the elite videographers in the business do.

Trust your wedding videographer and photographer, they are the experts! The creative aspect of the video always comes out best when couples are relaxed. Do this by planning enough time for filming. Don’t try to do too much or stress over small details on the day of the wedding. Roll with the punches. A good attitude shows through to the video!

Is A Wedding Video Worth It?

So is a wedding video worth it? Be sure to get your money’s worth by choosing a professional with a great attitude. No matter the budget, look for a videographer who wants to include a personal experience. Find someone who specializes in exactly the wedding video you are looking for. Watch several of their videos from their portfolio and choose a videographer with consistency. Don’t be starstruck by beautiful work- if your videographer has a gruff personality, it may show through to your end product.

Trust the Professionals

To make your videographer’s job easier, Gregory says to have the best attitude possible and to trust them. He is in the business of documenting the most important day of your life, and he’s good at it. It’s worth the research and money to hire a professional videographer. You will cherish their final product for years to come!

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