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Plan A Green Wedding: Wedivite’s Environmentally Friendly Wedding Tips

Green Wedding Tips

Planning a green wedding or an environmentally friendly wedding isn’t just the hip thing to do. Saving resources in an industry that consumes billions of dollars every year can seriously add up when we look at the environmental impact. Just think of the mountain of disposable paper and plastic that is normally consumed at a single wedding, and you will be happy that you decided to use these tips to make a difference.

Choose A Naturally Beautiful Venue

Consider a park, beach, or garden for your wedding and reception festivities. The natural beauty of the location will minimize your need for décor while holding both portions of the event in one place reduces the amount of travel that must take place. If you don’t have an outdoor venue convenient or are concerned about the weather, consider the inherent beauty in a local art gallery or historic building.

Make A Green First Impression

Let your friends and family know that you are planning an environmentally friendly wedding starting with your invitations. Beautiful invitations are available on recycled paper, but you can take it one step further and use evites. Many people prefer this method because it is much easier to find again when you need it than that little piece of paper.

Check out our paperless invite here.

Reusing Is Even Better Than Recycling

When did we get out of the tradition of handing down family rings and dresses? It is a beautiful way to honor past generations, save money, and be Earth-friendly. Have a family gown altered and modernized or keep the vintage look and build it into your theme. Using your grandparents’ wedding rings would also add a special touch to your ceremony.

Avoid Disposable Décor

Forgo silk flowers or cut flowers that will sadly die the next day. Use potted plants for décor and centerpieces and encourage guests to give them a good home at the end of the night.

Think Local

For food, flowers, and anything else you need consider vendors who are close by to minimize the environmental footprint caused by shipping items across the country. Use a local caterer who purchases food from your area’s organic farmers for fresh, delicious food at your reception.


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