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Reusable Wedding Decor For Your Engagement Party & Wedding


Save precious time and money with this reusable wedding decor for your engagement party and wedding. No one will even notice! From reusing mason jars for cocktails or reusing the same cake topper, there are plenty of things you can use for the special wedding celebrations of the season. Perfect if you’re on a budget, here are a reusable wedding decor ideas.

Paper Rosettes

If you’re on a budget, there’s no better way to dress up a bare wall than with paper rosettes. Whether clustered or scattered across a wall, the effect can be seen as both playful and beautiful. You can also hang paper rosettes from the ceiling with transparent fishing line which creates a dramatic effect. 

Giant Letter Balloons

Whether they spell out ‘Mr & Mrs’, your future surname or ‘love’, Giant balloons are always a beautiful addition to any parties decor. For both your engagement party, this cute trend is perfect for the backdrop of your dessert or strung up as part of the backdrop of a photo booth. You can buy them in bulk in gold, silver or rose gold and change up the words for each event.


If you’re having a garden engagement party or wedding, hanging lanterns from trees add a whimsical and romantic mood - especially once it gets dark and they light up. For a more classic look, go for white lanterns or for something a bit more fun, use brightly colored ones.

Tissue Paper Tassels

If you’re up for a DIY decor project, then making tissue paper garlands are perfect for both your engagement party and wedding day. Hang them between trees or on the walls of the venue to a fun but elegant element to any special day. If you do not want to make the paper tassels yourself, you can purchase them online. 

Cake Topper

Forget the old-fashioned trend of having a bride and groom sitting on top of your wedding cake and go with something modern. From a ‘Heart-Shaped Wreath’, ‘Wooden Mr & Mrs’ or ‘Happily Ever After’, adding a modern cake topper to your wedding cake make it more personal. Plus, if you have an engagement cake, you can use it on it too.

Mason Jar Cocktails

If you’re doing a signature cocktail at your wedding, introduce it at your engagement party. And the perfect way to serve a signature cocktail is in mason jars. After using them at your engagement party, put them in the dishwasher to reuse them at your wedding. Add different colored straws to match the decor of each event.