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Cheap Destination Wedding Locations For The Adventurous Couple


Cheap destination wedding locations offer money savings, a smaller guest list, and fun in the sun! Kick back in an adventurous destination while celebrating your nuptials. Welcome your guests to the tropics and say ‘I do!’ while exploring a new part of the world.

A lot can go wrong while planning a wedding from thousands of miles away. In fact, there are a lot of do’s & don’ts when it comes to destination wedding locations. But don’t just scrap the idea of having a dream tropical island wedding if it seems out of the budget. Explore these cheap destination wedding locations that are both beautiful and affordable.

Dominican Republic

Most brides dream of a beach wedding; the Dominican Republic offers just that. With direct daily flights from the US and Europe, all-inclusive resorts and white sandy beaches, pick up an affordable package deal for you and your guests. If the budget is really tight, avoid the peak season in the Dominican Republic as prices skyrocket and beaches fill up due to holiday-goers. During the off season, flights, hotels and some vendors are cheaper meaning you’ll have the beaches all to yourself.


Even though Thailand is not a popular wedding destination, it is one of the most affordable cheap destination wedding locations. Whether you want a tropical island wedding on Phi Phi Island, a city wedding in Bangkok, or a lush jungle wedding in Chiang Mai, this beautiful country has it all. With the cost of a wedding in Thailand as low as $2500, it is pretty much the perfect cheap destination wedding location. Plus, guests can enjoy the country’s delicious cuisine while exploring.


With affordable daily flights out of the US, Mexico is an economical choice as a destination wedding location. With beautiful beaches, rolling green hills in the wine country, and luxurious hotels, Mexico isn’t just a destination for the traditional beach wedding. From Cancun, to Riviera Maya, to Tulum, there are plenty of resorts that offer affordable, all-inclusive options for you and your guests. Explore stunning chapels, mystical cenotes, and Mayan ruins after the Big Day.

South Africa

South Africa seems to be a popular honeymoon spot, but consider it for your cheap destination wedding location. Whether you’re looking for ocean, safari, or forest views, South Africa offers it all. The flight is long, but the experience will be a once-in-a-lifetime for you and your guests.


Belize is a hidden gem of a cheap destination wedding location with loads of sunshine, beautiful beaches, and tropical rain forests. Several all-inclusive resorts scattered across the country make Belize worth considering for your nuptials. Plan your Belize wedding at an upscale resort for a fraction of the prices in the US. Flights to Belize are more affordable than to other destination wedding locations, so this a top spot for your dream wedding.

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