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What to Expect When Changing Your Wedding Date


Everything You Need To Know When It Comes To Changing Your Wedding Date

Whether it is a death in the family, an unavoidable work commitment, or the unpredictable pandemic that is the Coronavirus, sometimes it’s necessary to change your wedding date. It’s the worst nightmare for brides to deal with but life happens, and the show must go on! Since everyone in the wedding and the guests need to change their plans, here’s a helpful guide for what to expect when you change your wedding date. If the venue is booked and you’ve already sent out save-the-dates, here are a few things to expect when changing your wedding date.

Expect A Bit More Planning When Changing Your Wedding Date

Expect more planning and some frustration when changing your wedding date. If you’re moving your date back, you might only need to deal with vendors and the venue, but if you’re pushing your date forward, it may cause some additional problems. Vendors like dressmakers, caterers, and florists that work on a timeline and need to order in what they need to produce whatever they produce. You might have to pay extra, opt for something different, or scrap the item all together.

You Will Most Likely Lose Money for Changing Your Wedding Date

If you’re changing your wedding date at short notice, you will lose money! From the photographer and makeup artists to the catering company and the venue, you will most likely lose the deposit you put down to hold the date. You might also have to pay a cancellation fee to other vendors. Read up on the hidden wedding costs that you should definitely ask about before booking the venue. If you are only changing the date and not the venue, the venue may be wiling to move your deposit without penalty. It’s worth asking! Remember that guests from out of town are also losing money on accommodation and transport, so maybe don’t expect or ask for pre-wedding events and wedding gifts.

Some Guests May Not Be Able to Attend the New Wedding Date

When you send your save-the-dates, your guests will block out that day or weekend in their calendar. But when you change your wedding date, some of those who RSVP’d ‘yes’ might not be able to make it anymore. Whether they have another wedding to attend, can’t afford the trip, can’t fly into town for a second time or can’t get off work, there will be a few guests that won’t be able to make it. Our advice is that you make plans with guests that can’t make the second date after your honeymoon. You can always save them a wedding favor bag!

Check the Bridal Party’s Availability Before Booking the New Wedding Date

Like your guests, your wedding party may also be available for your wedding. With a new date, all the members of your wedding party might be unavailable. To avoid this, ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be by your side on your big day again. Keep your expectations reasonable and don’t get mad if they can no longer be part of your wedding day.

Avoid Inviting New Guests To The New Wedding Date

Once you know who can and can’t attend your wedding on the new date, you’ll probably have a new guest list with a few empty spots. We’d suggest not filling these spots with new guests. Inviting a second round of guests is one of the common mistakes that brides make, but it can result in hurt feelings.

Ultimately, changing your wedding date can lead to all kinds of problems, but if you can’t decide to move the date or not, check out this list of reasons and if it’s worth it to move the date.

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