10 Things You Probably Didn’t Expect to Encounter

While Planning Your Wedding

Designing the day that you’ve always dreamed up is exciting, but can be fraught with troubles. This is because reality of planning a wedding is rarely discussed and most couples simply look back at their wedding day as a time of bliss.

Just like any other purchase that comes with a big price tag, there are downsides that you should be aware of. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t expect to encounter while planning your wedding and how to get through them.


1. You Might Fight With Your Family

If you are expecting your parents to foot the bill for your wedding or you are extremely close with your family, expect to disagree on some things. They may expect to invite certain guests to your wedding or have endless suggestions on the right colors or the right dress.

Be prepared to decline their suggestions politely to avoid causing a major rift. You can also avoid fighting with your family by giving them specific ways in which they can play an active part in your wedding so that they don’t intrude into areas where you really don’t want their help. It’s okay to say no sometimes, but you should also be prepared to compromise as well.


2. You Will Fight With Your Partner

The cost of your wedding will probably be one of the major issues that you and your partner will disagree on. You may also end up in a fight over whose family should have more input in the wedding. The key to a happy marriage is to nip these problems in the bud before they start!

However, you shouldn’t let wedding planning derail your happiness during the days leading up to the wedding. Identify potential problems that are likely to cause major issues between the two of you. Talk it out and decide on how you will resolve disagreements if you want to avoid feeling the woes of marriage before you even get married!


3. You Won’t Be Able to Research Everything

Despite the fact that you think that you’ll have enough time to do everything if you start early, there are always some elements of planning a wedding that you won’t be able to thoroughly research before you choose an option for your wedding. Just accept this fact and move on.


4. You’ll End Up Crying At Some Point

Whether you are worried about things not coming together as you had hoped they would or you and your mother-in-law aren’t speaking after a fight about the wedding flowers, you’ll end up crying at some point. Whenever you feel down, just keep in mind that everyone else is just as stressed out about the wedding as you are.

It’s okay to take a day off from wedding planning to give yourself a break. Make sure to plan to have downtime so that every day isn’t filled with wedding craziness.


5. You’ll Think About Canceling the Whole Thing

Sometimes wedding planning is just too exhausting and your thoughts about canceling the whole event seem a lot better than actually going through with it. After putting in so much work to make your special day perfect, just remember that you’re almost there. It’s always the darkest before dawn!


6. You’ve Never Thought So Much About What Others Think in Your Life

While you may consider yourself above the pain of others’ scrutiny, you’ll start to realize that you actually do care about what other people think about your wedding. Try to stay away from social media and comparing your wedding to celebrity weddings. It will save you a lot of heartache!


7. You’ve Spent More Than You Expected to

As you plan your wedding, you’ve likely have a budget in mind. For the majority of people, this budget isn’t exactly in line with the real costs of planning a wedding. Expect to spend more on something than you budgeted for.


8. You Need More Help Than You Thought You Did

To have a successful wedding day, you really need to have the help and support of other people. As a result, you may find yourself relying on others more than you thought you would. Don’t be afraid to let someone you trust take on some of the important wedding planning tasks.


9. You’ll Realize How Hard DIY Projects Really Are

When you decide to do a DIY project for wedding favors, you’ll learn the harsh truth about how hard putting together 500 copies of the same item really is. Make sure that you allow more time than you think you’ll need for DIY projects. Nevertheless, you’ll be shocked at the amount of glitter and pieces of cut ribbon on the floors of your home when you’re done!


10. Your Wedding Will Turn Out Differently Than You Expected

One of the most difficult things about planning a wedding that you likely didn’t expect to encounter is the fact that you’re wedding probably will turn out differently than you anticipated it would. Although you may have a vision in your head of how everything will look on your special day, it probably won’t look exactly like you planned.

Just remember that the goal of your wedding is to start the rest of your life with your spouse and stop worrying about the small stuff that really doesn’t matter!


Planning a wedding is stressful. As a result, there are many things that people who have already had weddings want to forget and won’t tell you about as you plan your own wedding. Now that you know about the dark side of wedding planning, you can better prepare for any issues that may arise. Now, go forth and start planning your special day!

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