Thank you!

A huge thank you goes out to all the great photographers that contributed to our wedding slideshow demo.
Here they are:

Indian wedding legs - esharkj

Wedding Plank - Tina & Toni Lung's wedding ND Strupler

Indian blue clothes - o b s k u r a

Bride in car on red interior - conner395

Bridesmaids outside with bride behind photographer - danxoneil

Bride and groom staring at each other, bride face showing - Kevitivity

Wedding guests sitting on stairs - Duncan

Wedding guests in purple holding fishing rods - jkbrooks85

Wedding tables - table no. 9 in front & Waiter holding drinks in front - Wedding Photography by Jon Day

Bride in mirror smiling - Nuno Duarte

Cupcakes - misscreativecakes

Wedding cake tipping to the right - Shelley Panzarella

Bridesmaid in pink & blue dress - Mike_fleming

Wedding guests sitting down on a wooden porch - Ryan Somma

Wedding car old Volkswagen - Willliam D

Heart shaped spoons - uits

Chinese traditional wedding walking ceremony - Jim Epler

Wedding couple and bridesmaids as silhouettes - AfroDad

Bride & Groom cutting the cake together - Anthony van Dyck

Wedding carriage with a “Just Married” sign - Corey Leopold

Two brides kissing - Capt' Gorgeous

Photos download date from flickr: 18/02/14

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